Hair Extensions Danger

3rd March 2014

Hair extensions, where synthetic or real hair is attached onto a person’s existing hair or scalp by weaving, gluing, sewing or clipping it on, first became popular

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What Are the Dangers of Hair Extensions?. Hair extensions allow almost anyone to add length, volume and texture to their natural hair. As this trend continues to grow

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Weaves and hair extensions are very popular and used regularly by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, across all races and even crossing some gender lines.

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Clip in hair extensions have been around for quite a long time, but lately we’ve been noticing a lot more companies offering them and lots more people trying them.

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Mar 01, 2013 · Video embedded · Hair extensions can make you look like you have long, luscious locks. Celebrities have made them popular, but Consumer Reports …

Video embedded · Hair extensions have side effects that many are not aware of. Find out the dangers of this beauty trend from Consumer Reports.

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From blinding headaches, to bleeding scalps and permanent baldness: The hidden dangers of hair extensions revealed. By Daily Mail Reporter. Published: 10:11 EST, …

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With the increasing popularity of hair extensions (benefits include temporarily having longer hair and less hair care maintenance), recently presented a

Jul 20, 2011 · We all have seen some horrific hair extensions. Some people cannot afford the high quality systems, which is understandable in today’s economy.

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